Legacy Union

CASE STUDY: Legacy Union

Cenero is proud to see this large video wall project come to life! An impressive 1000” 70’ x 36’ video wall inside the lobby of Legacy Union, Charlotte’s newest high rise and home to Bank of America.

We worked with the interiors architect to consult, design and integrate this statement video wall.  We also helped with the content management, working with building stakeholders and Second Story experiential  design studios to provide 4K video segments, custom artwork, content roadmap planning and content management services. The wall features ever-changing color and sound driven by a complex algorithm along with drone shots, football games and marketing messages.

We also incorporated our remote managed services, Constant Connect with the facilities AV systems to ensure the wall will always function flawlessly and create an ongoing impressive impact to all those visiting the lobby.


Here are some behind the scenes photos of the wall being built: