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ARI Fleet Management


CASE STUDY: ARI Fleet Management

Global Fleet Management Company Leverages Video Conferencing to Connect Workforce


ARI, a global vehicle fleet management organization, wanted to find a way to easily connect their international workforce in different offices without having to travel. “Gone are the day when you can pick up your laptop and go sit in your boss’s office, sometimes that boss is in a different location,” said Tony Ratti, Manager of Desktop Engineering for ARI. “As ARI has expanded over the years, our workforce has expanded within New Jersey, North America and abroad and we needed to find a way to still have face-to-face meetings without leaving the office.”


ARI partnered with Cenero to implement an end-to-end video solution across multiple locations in North America and abroad. From integrating with calendars for meeting scheduling to launching video conferences and providing service and support, Cenero created a comprehensive program that encouraged user adoption. Video conferencing is now used every day at ARI, from one-on-one meetings to large group meetings across multiple locations.

ARI takes advantage of Cenero’s Constant Connect offering, a managed service that remotely monitors and tests all equipment in their key conference rooms to ensure everything is functioning properly at all times. “Our senior leadership meetings in our boardroom need to run flawlessly and with Constant Connect’s remote testing I have complete confidence the room will be always be fully functional,” said Ratti. ARI also utilizes Cenero’s 24-hour help desk. “Our business is 24-7 but we are not here 24-7. Every time we push the button on the Constant Connect tablet in one of our conference rooms to access support over video, even in the early morning or late in the evening, there is always someone there to help,” stated Ratti. “Cenero can handle all of our video needs when we don’t have the staff on site to manage the technology. Cenero has made my job a lot easier and I look forward to continuing to work with them as we continue to expand into Germany and other international offices.”


“Cenero really partnered with us to provide guidance in areas we would not have considered. They helped consider all elements of video conferencing, from scheduling and launching calls to cultural integration.” 

                                                       – Tony Ratti, ARI