Dare County Emergency Operations Center


CASE STUDY: Dare County Emergency Operations Center

New Emergency Center Integrates State-of-the-art Technology


When building a new Emergency Operations and Regional Emergency Communications Center, Dare County, North Carolina wanted a partner who could design and integrate technology for their mission-critical environments. Dare needed the ability to share information across all areas in the facility as well as across the county with customers and partners.


Dare County partnered with Cenero to develop the necessary technology to help them prepare for, respond to and recover from all man-made and natural disasters that impact their citizens and visitors. “Dare County needed a modern, robust solution that allowed us to integrate information across the building as well as share information with the public,” said Drew Pearson, Dare County’s Emergency Management Director.

“Cenero developed an iPad application that allows me to move around the facility and redirect video to where I believe it needs to go,” said Pearson. “I am now able to share information with everyone in the building directly from my tablet on the fly. This is just one example of how Cenero listened to our needs, developed a great solution, implemented it flawlessly and now is supporting that solution as part of our managed services program.”

“Knowing there is 24/7 support available, and not just support, but the ability to take a tablet, see a technician and show him over video what may be going on with a system, is a great asset in a mission-critical environment,” continued Pearson. “In our critical rooms we require Cenero’s Proactive services to make sure our systems are functioning and operating properly at all times. It is essential that all systems are up and running during times of crisis, so the Proactive ability to test, monitor and repair systems is vital to our success as an emergency center. I feel we have the right solution for our EOC and Emergency Communications Center and a great partner in Cenero as we move forward into the future.”


“Cenero created a solution that provides us a world-class capability to share information and improve our situational awareness. It’s not just the ability to share critical data easily, it’s the ease of use and reliability of the solution that has really brought  value to our operation, preparing us to be ready for any natural or man-made disaster that will inevitably come to Dare County.”

                                                       – Dare County’s Emergency Management Director