CASE STUDY: Shapiro Sher

Shapiro Sher

CASE STUDY: Shapiro Sher

Law firm upgrades to high end video solution


Shapiro Sher, a law firm in Baltimore, wanted to include high-end video conferencing systems in all meeting areas of their new office space. The solution needed to allow partners to communicate over video with clients all over the globe as well participate in remote depositions and training sessions.


The IT department at Shapiro Sher wanted a solution that could provide quality voice and video and was a better option than Skype. “Cenero truly partnered with us to develop an end-to-end program that fit all of our needs,” stated the CIO at Shapiro Sher. “From the voice and video conferencing systems to the monitors and all network infrastructure, everything that was put in place was magnificent. Even the rack they put in place was extremely functional and well designed.” Shapiro Sher also takes advantage of Cenero’s Constant Connect 24-hour Service Desk. “The tech support has been very good. There is always very fast response, if there is a problem they are able to get us back on track right away.”



“Now our partners can easily connect with clients in Israel, or depose someone 1,000 miles away. We foresee everyone in the firm taking advantage of the video conferencing systems more often to enhance the way they interact with their clients and partners.”   – CIO, Shapiro Sher