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AV technology enables interactive classroom experiences

Enhance Classroom Interactions with AV technology

Smart AV for More Dynamic Learning Experiences

The Connected Classroom – AV technology such as touchless classrooms, AI-powered whiteboards, high-quality video conferencing, and smart audio can help enhance the learning experience and provide remote learners the same experience as students in the classroom. Higher Education institutions can leverage technology to improve collaboration among students, faculty, and staff – from any location.

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Active Learning Classrooms

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Interactive Video Walls

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Training Rooms

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Digital Signage

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Service and Support (Higher Ed Page)

Service & Support Programs

The ability and knowledge of AV space is something Cenero uniquely brings as a partner. Cenero provides incredible thought and innovation as we reinvent what the education process looks like through technology.

Education Collaboration

In a hybrid learning environment it is essential that teachers, remote learners, and students in the classroom are able to connect and collaborate seamlessly. Smart AV solutions can enhance classroom engagement, improving learning through technology.

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    Active Learning Classrooms

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    Hybrid Learning

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    Interactive Video Walls

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    Digital Signage

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The Connected Campus: The Future of Hybrid Learning

Read our blog on the Smart Classroom, and learn more about hybrid learning:

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    A review of trends in higher education for hybrid learning, and ways colleges and universities can create more interactive learning experiences

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    From interconnected systems to data-driven decision making, remote management tools can track metrics to influence future classroom technology decisions 

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    High-quality video conferencing, touchless classrooms, smart audio, and other AV collaboration solutions will influence how students interact and collaborate in the modern Smart Campus

Seamless Hybrid Classes for Improved Learning Experiences

Create seamless hybrid classrooms - no more tech issues, video delays, or problems with UC platforms, enjoy more productive working sessions, every time

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