CASE STUDY: Annenberg School for Communication

The University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication recently needed an upgrade in their primary presentation center. After entrusting Cenero before, they once again asked Cenero to update their technology and ensure impactful high resolution solutions.

The university was looking for top quality screens to display presentations with high clarity and a powerful processor with a greater variety of possibilities. Phil McClelland, the school’s classroom technology manager, said the old wall required the school to request that presenters’ edit their presentations to have a dark background. “All of these people would come in with presentations and they wouldn’t look as good as they could,” McClelland states.

He also noted the functionality of the wall did not meet the requirements students and faculty needed. “Sometimes we do classes with other universities where we’ll have one screen with our presentation and another screen with a video conference,” says McClelland.

In order to improve the overall experience for the users, Cenero partnered with Christie to replace the room’s aging equipment with the Christie Velvet Apex Series video wall and the Christie Spyder X80. The new LED wall means no more bezels that can distract and a bright, rich color during presentations, while the Christie Spyder X80 offers more collaborative interactions for users.

“We made sure to take into consideration how the room was going to be used, the needs of the faculty, students and presenters,” Cenero’s sales engineer, Tom McElwee, says. “Then we put together a solution that would not only work well for the various requirements but would also display an excellent visual.”

McClelland says the update is much better than what they previously had. “We get a lot of compliments about how good the wall looks,” he says. “We were looking forward to doing this and the LED shows the content very well.”