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The Cost of Meeting Failure

The return to office plan for many companies includes a hybrid workforce strategy – with people working in the office only part of the time. In this new environment, it will become business critical that meeting space technology is always fully functional. Meeting delays and technical problems during video calls will have a greater impact on productivity than ever before.

Although meeting failure is all too common, it can easily be avoided. Remote management of meeting spaces can ensure all technology is always working – avoiding wasting time and money due to delays and tech issues. Remote managed services also eliminates the need for on-site assistance, reducing strain on the IT department and limiting the number of required on-site personnel.

Cenero’s suite of managed services, Constant Connect, can remotely monitor, test, diagnose and repair all collaboration technology to ensure ongoing reliability and connectivity for all meeting spaces. Check out this video to see how Constant Connect can help create more successful meeting experiences.


Constant Connect provides peace of mind that critical technology will always be up and running – so you can get back to focusing on the meeting and not the technology.

Check out our eBook on Collaborating in a Hybrid Workplace to learn more helpful tips for adjusting your office to the new way of working.