Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services


CASE STUDY: Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services

Emergency Center Integrates New Technology to Improve Emergency Response Capabilities


Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services needed to upgrade their Emergency Operations Center with the latest technology that would enable them to react quickly during a state of emergency. In an event of an emergency, 20 different agencies set up remote offices in the Center and users need to quickly access presentations, news briefs and more. The existing Center lacked the technology and tools needed to allow them to effectively conduct operations with the state, other agencies and within the Center itself. They wanted a simple solution that allowed all users to connect and share wirelessly and allowed for future growth.


Queen Anne’s County partnered with AV expert Cenero to develop technology solutions for their mission-critical environment. The updated Emergency Operations Center now has digital capabilities including a tablet that runs the room that is flexible and easy to use. “It essential that we have the technology in place to stay informed and share information during emergency situations,” stated David Rivett, Special Operations Division Chief for Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services. “With the advanced solutions that Cenero provided we are constantly live fed so we know exactly the changing conditions and are able to monitor events as they happen. In addition, Cenero’s Constant Connect managed service provides remote 24-hour monitoring where they are able to proactively check all of the systems in the room and notify us immediately if there are any issues. We now have the confidence that our Center will always be fully function for crisis situations. It is important to us that they are able to provide this service without any interruption to our operations, so we can remain focused on the current state of emergency.”

“Our relationship with Cenero is invaluable to us as we continue to upgrade our center with the latest technology,” said Scott Haas, Director of Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services. “Our next project is to migrate our Communications Center to Next Generation 911 and with that comes a great deal of video capabilities that we do not currently have. We are going to rely on Cenero to guide us on the best way to enable video within our Dispatch Center.”


“Cenero provided us with user friendly technology that allows us to be better prepared for the next emergency event. We can now enable communications and collaboration within our EOC and we plan to work with them on Next Generation 911 as well.”

                                                       – Division Chief, Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services