Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health


CASE STUDY: Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health

Hospital Auditorium is Upgraded with the Latest Technology


Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health in Abington, PA features a 219 foot auditorium that is the gateway to the hospital. The heart of the conference center, the auditorium serves as an educational resource for everything from national symposiums to daily meetings. The space was in need of a retrofit to the latest technology to easily host conferences, enable video conferencing and allow participants to connect all types of devices.

The Information Systems and Technology team at the hospital wanted a strategic partner who could recommend the best solutions to keep the auditorium up-to-date with the latest technology. They decided to find a new provider who could help with this project as well as updates for other conference rooms.


The team at Abington-Jefferson Health decided to work with AV expert Cenero because they felt Cenero understood their needs and could design systems that were flexible and easy to use. “Cenero was able to provide smart solutions that would be simple to use and encourage usage,” said Michael Leibrandt, PC Analyst for Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health. “In a short time frame they were able to maintain quality control, thoroughness and excellent service while updating the auditorium with all the latest technology.”

The updated auditorium features a 16×10 screen for video conferencing, a control booth with preview and recording capabilities and connections for all types of devices – from laptops to Blu-ray players and GoPro cameras. Because of the great experience with Cenero on the auditorium, Abington-Jefferson Health plans to work with them on over 28 future projects.

“Our goal is to get our other conference and meeting rooms up and running like the auditorium,” said Leibrandt. “We want up-to-date technology and a unified system across the board. We were pleased with the value Cenero brought to the auditorium project. The updated space simplifies many of our programs. We look forward to partnering with Cenero in future upgrades and new installations.”


“We can now hold video calls with other hospitals without having to travel, as well as easily host meetings and international symposiums. We are confident Cenero’s expertise will help improve interactions across our hospital.” 

                                                       – PC Analyst, Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health