Video Wall Display Size Guide

When deploying LED video walls, the closest viewer is one of the most important items to define in order to deliver the highest quality experience possible. Viewers want to see clear, sharp images, they do not want to see any individual pixels when looking at the display.

Based on the type of of video wall you select, you might see pixels standing close to the display and the images will not be seamless. You will need to determine how far the closest viewer will be from the screen. The ability to see pixels on-screen depends on the viewing distance from the display, the native resolution and the content being presented.



There are a few items you should keep in mind when determining the size of your video wall:

  • Type of content to be displayed – pixel structure is more noticeable with content that includes shapes, text and fine graphic details versus full motion video
  • Where the wall will be displayed – a public space has different requirements than a Command and Control center
  • Size and shape of the space where the video wall will be placed
  • Type and resolution of input sources and scaling requirements for source content