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Temperature Check Kiosks

In today’s changing business environment, the health and safety of everyone who enters a public place is more important than ever.

With an interactive Temperature Check Kiosk, you can quickly identify if someone has a temperature. By easily screening anyone who enters an office building, medical facility or any other public space you can help ensure the wellness and safety of employees and guests.

Depending on your specific requirements and the size of the space, different types of kiosk options might be the right fit for you. From single user temperature detection to multi-tracking facial recognition options that can check the temperature of multiple people at a time in an open area, we can provide the solution that is right for your environment.

Different options for small and large spaces include features such as:

  • Easy to follow audible prompts to test temperature
  • Clear pass/fail indication with red & green indicators and audible signals if someone fails
  • Single user temperature detection or multi-tracking solutions
  • ¬†Temperature sensing for up to 3o individuals per minute
  • Facial recognition
  • Mask detection capabilities
  • Remote management platform to manage devices and track pass/fail records
  • Included software updates, with new features added automatically
  • Video calls and virtual reception
  • Mandatory hand sanitization monitoring
  • Occupancy monitoring and controls
  • Integration with control and access solutions


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