CASE STUDY: Duane Morris

Executive Boardroom Design and Deployment


Duane Morris, one of the 100 largest law firms in the United States, represents clients across the nation and around the world through a combination of 17 offices. Cenero was tasked with designing and installing an audio visual solution for several conference, training and meeting spaces that would allow for collaborative communication as well as local display of various input sources while maintaining an elegant, uncluttered environment.


Cenero designed several standardized teleconferencing systems for 10 partner meeting rooms. The solution utilized a series of remote and fixed wireless systems that allow for distributed audio capture and sound reinforcement for a variety of different meeting types. These systems are far superior to the ‘star phones’ that were previously utilized during meetings. Additionally, a boardroom, partner meeting room and video conferencing facility were each designed with multiple laptop and computer connections, DVD Players, teleconferencing and video conferencing units, and backlit LCD touch panels that allow for both ease of use and management of the systems. All control interfaces have common designs so users can easily move between rooms to operate the systems.

Duane Morris has one of the premier meeting spaces in the area and as a result the rooms are in constant demand. Distributed audio conferencing systems have improved the overall quality of both near and far end audio intelligibility. Additionally, the improved video conferencing solutions have increased the overall usage levels with partners and clients. All systems can be managed remotely which allows the support personnel to proactively response to problems before they become issues.