Constant Connect 4.0 Features Updated Analytics Dashboard for Improved Business Performance

Cenero Constant Connect’s updated suite of managed services includes enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities and a more robust and interactive Analytics Dashboard.
The updated Analytics Dashboard includes:
  • Service Ticket trend charts to help identify common problems and alleviate recurring issues
  • Room usage data detailing what rooms are used and the types of meetings – presentations, video calls or audio calls – to help improve the meeting experience
  • Room and system performance information to see what is working and what needs to be replaced to influence future technology and collaboration decisions
  • Advanced search and filter capabilities – sort by room type, application, occupancy, location and time frame – to help leverage the technology as productive tools
  • Project details including Gantt charts illustrating deadlines and progress for better business planning
  • Reports on room usage, call metrics, test results, monitoring data and service details to obtain the most value from your complex technology
  • Detailed inventory of all equipment, documentation and warranties providing easy access to all necessary information in one location
  • Outlook integration to allow users to see what rooms and resources are available and schedule the appropriate room based on availability

Reach out for a free walk through of the Dashboard and to learn more on how you can leverage data from your complex meeting technology to improve room uptime, increase cost savings and improve business performance.




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