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Cenero Gives Back – Good Shepherd Christian Academy

Good Shepherd Christian Academy is a small, non-profit Pre-K through 12th grade school in Washington, NJ. One of their most used classrooms featured old and insufficient technology. The make shift set up of a projector and stand did not function well and often didn’t work. The set up was not beneficial for the sessions conducted in the room and a better solutions was needed to facilitate an improved learning experience for both teachers and students.
The projector system was used several times each day for tech classes, language classes, study hall and coding club, among other important functions.









Cenero Gives Back
Cenero worked to provide Good Shepherd Christian Academy with a new projector, screen and wall panel control system. The new solution was easy to use and provided clear images for the students to view.



“As a lean running non-profit Christian school, we knew we desperately needed to upgrade our technology but were not financially in the position to do so,” said Cindy Weaver, Administrator for Good Shepherd Christian Academy.
“We were so pleased when Cenero offered to help. It was such a great experience from installation to execution and all of our students truly benefit from the updated technology. It has helped improve the experience for all of the classes and events held in the room. We are very thankful to Cenero for all their help and hard work.”