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Giving Back


Cenero Gives Back provides disadvantaged non-profit organizations with low cost audio visual solutions that they could not otherwise afford.


Who We Help

We work with disadvantaged non-profit organizations with minimal private and public funding who have a legitimate need for AV technology.

How It Works

Over the years, Cenero has designed hundreds of audio visual and conferencing systems. Many of the new solutions replace systems that can still be used for other purposes. Our goal is to recycle and repurpose the previously owned audio visual equipment into solutions for nonprofits at little to no cost. Cenero may supplement systems with additional equipment as necessary to complete a certified system.

Why We Do It

Our Cenero team members possess valuable skill sets that can significantly help local community organizations. Many systems being replaced from current Cenero clients still have useful life that can provide benefit for disadvantaged non-profit organizations.

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Environmental Commitment

Cenero reduces or prevents the environmental impact of our products and packaging by both using appropriate disposal and recycling methods and also by repurposing equipment into our Cenero Gives Back program. The Cenero Gives Back program repurposes select previously used equipment removed from client spaces which is then tested, inventoried and designed into certified audio visual systems that are installed and donated to non-profit organizations.