Dear Valued Client,

As you are likely aware, supply chains throughout the world are currently stretched to their limit across many different industries. In particular, integrated circuit (IC’s) production is being particularly hard hit. IC’s are used in every product imaginable and that is especially true in audio visual related equipment. Aware of this challenge, Cenero worked hard early-on to stock at-risk items wherever possible. However, the extended time period of the supply-chain shortages has now depleted much of our reserve inventory. As such lead times for certain items are now dependent on new shipments from the suppliers. For example, many flat-panel display models are experiencing lead times of 12+ weeks. As a result project lead times are increasing to match material availability. In addition, reduced supply may potentially bring higher product prices.

Cenero is working diligently to reduce lead times, maintain pricing, find alternative suppliers or products, and make large stock purchases to minimize the impact of the supply chain challenges. However as much is out of our direct control, we ask for patience as we continue to do everything within our power on your behalf.

Your Sales Representative and/or Project Manager will contact you directly for specific information pertaining to your projects.


Chris Henry