Cenero LLC is proud to announce that Carlo Beauf, senior sales engineer at Cenero, has successfully completed the LEED Commercial Interiors accreditation. LEED stands for Leadership in Environmental Energy Design and encourages the design and building of environmentally friendly and responsible structures across the world. This important voluntary standard has spearheaded a new trend with designers and builders by creating a series of certifications in many different areas, fostering a new opportunity for companies like Cenero to actively participate in helping clients create a better world to live in, one project at a time.

Cenero collaborates with many of the leading architectural firms in the region, nearly all of which have current or pending LEED projects, and have accredited LEED professionals on staff. LEED is now a part of the daily vocabulary and we felt it was necessary to educate ourselves on this process to continue to offer the most comprehensive audiovisual consulting and integration. There are currently up to 14 different credits that Cenero believes can be impacted by audiovisual concerns and decisions. By having an understanding of the LEED program, its components and credits, Cenero can make better strategic decisions which will have an impact on the design and installation of the Audiovisual equipment that is utilized. We also understand and can offer ideas for the ever evolving trade-offs between credits from the various credit categories.

In addition to having a positive impact on the environment, LEED can often provides a better ROI than traditional methods of design and installation. “Sometimes it is a matter of helping the people making the financial decisions to realize that there are numerous benefits to embracing LEED both in the short and long term” states Carlo Beuf of Cenero. “These can include direct benefits such as reduced utility costs as well as longer term benefits that including improved employee productivity and health. Many different areas need to be understood and explored to make the best decisions. We can now actively participate in these important project decisions.”

Getting accredited requires a significant commitment of time and effort. The thoroughness, comprehensiveness, and specific processes laid out by the LEED Certification ensures that all LEED Accredited Professions have considerable knowledge and are prepared to make the commitment necessary to design and implement accurate and successful projects. “I’m proud to have completed the LEED Accreditation, and am grateful that Cenero saw this as a priority to our clients and affiliates. It represents the ongoing commitment to our clients that has always separated Cenero from the pack. It also represents a new direction for us in the community as we try to find new ways to get involved in making this region more environmentally friendly and sustainable.”

Cenero will now be working closely with architects and manufactures to design and implement more LEED projects that are environmentally responsive, financially secure, and will improve the overall productivity and health of all the people who work in and visit these facilities.

About Cenero Cenero provides audiovisual systems design, installation and event rentals for organizations within the Tri State Area. Cenero has over 250 combined years of experience in the audiovisual design, installation and events industry. Cenero’s professionals combine extensive Audio/Visual knowledge, with a keen business sense to help companies capitalize on the benefits effective communications can make to their organization. For more information regarding Cenero’s products and services, call (610) 344-7007